What if the documentation could just write the code for you?

For years, the Twilio platform has enabled companies to provide SMS and Voice capabilities to their applications.

If you are new to Twilio, learning the APIs, workflow, and terminology can be a lot to process. Twilio Blueprint is designed to be your guide through the concepts of building telephony-based features into your own applications.

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RESTful Concepts 1 What are RESTful services and what do you need to know in order to work with one?
Navigating the Twilio Portal 2 What is the Twilio portal? What features does it provide to me? How can I use the portal to purchase and manage phone numbers?
Making and Receiving SMS Messages 3 How do you send and receive SMS messages with Twilio?
Making and Receiving Phone Calls 4 How do you send and receive phone calls with Twilio?
Debugging Twilio 5 Don't you wish your code was perfect all the time? Learn how to debug Twilio applications so you're not left disconnected.
Conference Calls 6 Takes voice calls to the next level by learning how to connect multiple voice users in simultanous conversation.
Supplemental (Coming Soon)
Call Queues 7 Build your own call-queuing system. Muzak not included.
Recording calls 8 Learn how to record phone calls with Twilio. You know... for training purposes.
Transcribing Calls 9 Voice to text. Twilio can do that for you.
Dynamic Phone Numbers 10 Everybody is getting a phone number! Learn how to dynamically register and use phone numbers in any country.
Marketing Concerns 11 With great power comes great responsibility, and if you are going to send SMS messages or make phone calls, you should be concerned about not breaking the law!

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About the Author

Hey everyone! Kevin here. I have been working with the Twilio platform for years, and I have had the opportunity to work with many companies on implementing it in unique ways. It has been a great pleasure for me to put my thoughts into a book.

I currently live with my wife and two boys (with one on the way) in Chesapeake, VA. As an independent consultant for the past several years, I have worked with some amazing companies to push their technology stacks forward.

You can visit or hire me at http://kevgriffin.com.

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